Looking for adventure sports in Dharamshala, this year? Here is a call for all age groups. Equally important, look neither east nor west, Dharamshala is the best. Incidentally, atop the lush green Kangra valley, it is the crown of north India. A beautiful hill station in a picturesque setting, admittedly, it is a hub for adventure activities. Charmed by its beauty and activity, it has already become a center of attraction for tourists. Hence, Dharamshala and its picturesque surroundings have many wonderful surprises in store for you.


Watersports & Angling in Pong Dam

To begin with, Pong dam also known as Maharana Pratap Sagar beckons you. For instance, it is a 42 km long and 19 km wide massive man-made lake. Incidentally, it is popularly called a mini sea. Internationally, recognised as a Ramsar site since 2002, it has many options for the adventure-seeking visitor.

adventure sports in dharamshala

Near to 1.5 lac, migratory birds land here every year from trans Himalayan regions. Also, it has many attractive islands. Furthermore, miraculous Bathu ki Ladi temples vanish underwater for near to 4 months every year. Historical Masroor rock-cut temple of 6th-8th Century is also nearby. Main attractions include bird watching, watersports in Pong Dam, angling, boating, visiting islands and swimming. The place is 45 km south of Dharamshala.

Trekking & Cycling Tours

Attractive offbeat trails abound in beautiful Kangra valley in Dharamshala. Raadballi in its natural abode is especially gifted in this respect for adventure seekers. One can opt the rare jungle treks or night safari. A walk through the villages offers an opportunity to delve with the rural folks. In jungle trails, visitors can enjoy hearing and sighting wildlife aplenty. Countryside cycling tours combine adventure with wellness. Many of the treks and village roads at Raadballi are ideal for cycling.

Bir Billing Paragliding site

Also, Bir Billing is world-famous for paragliding sports. Most importantly, it has the best take-off platform, the best gliding routes, and the best landing sites. The scenic beauty of the place is par excellence. International paragliding competitions are organised every year. It is 100 km east of Dharamshala on Pathankot-Mandi National highway.

adventure in dharamshala

Triund Trek

An 8 km trek from Dharamkot through Galu Devi temple above Mcleodganj is most enchanting. It is a day-long adventure. Incidentally, the accent is steep. There is a forest rest house at Triund, in case some want to spend the night over there. Also, there is a small cafe, but it is better to carry some of the essentials. Check out on that beforehand. Once at Triund you have the rare ecstatic view all around. The whole world is under your feet and you are the master but for the Himalayas above you.

Tatwani hot water springs

The place is 35 km south of Mcleodganj-Dharamshala. Himalayan Gaj rivulet flows by the side. There is vast evergreen jungle all around. The hot water flow is even throughout the year. Most importantly, people consider this water medicinal. Tourists from all over the world come to take the dip. Locals celebrate Shivratri festival here with much fanfare.

Finally, Raadballi Retreat by itself is a unique jungle campsite. Also, all the adventure sports in Dharamshala listed here can be reached easily from Raadballi. Enjoy being at Raadballi Jungle Retreat and experience adventure of your choice.


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