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Are you in search of something best for your wellness during your holidays? Certainly, Raadballi one of the best wellness retreats in India is the answer. Even more, given the present day lifestyle, periodic detoxification to rejuvenate the body system is essential. Probably, everybody knows about Panchkarma. In fact, we have vastly improved wellness procedures based on traditional yogic practices. In particular, this process is known as Dashkarma. Also, the use of Ayurvedic herbs along with massage of the body, ENT and herbal bath is an essential component of Dashkarma. In fact, at our wellness retreat center near Dharamshala in Pong dam region, this traditional Ayurveda therapy gives fascinating results.

Our Dashkarma Ayurveda Therapy Wellness Program includes the following steps

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Body Detoxification

Dashkarma ayruvedic therapy is an improved version of Panchkarma. More so, it involves the use of important Himalayan herbs. In particular, these herbs detoxify and rejuvenate the body system.

Stomach Wash Therapy at best wellness retreat in India

Colon Stomach Wash Therapy

First of all, problems like constipation, acidity etc. have to be overcome. Himalayan herbs are used to clean the stomach with no side affects. Notably, A healthy stomach is sure way to full scale fitness.

ENT Ayruvedic Therapy at wellness resort near Dharmshala

ENT Ayruvedic Therapy

This therapy is done by administering special herbal drops through the Nostrils. Next, herbal tea is served. Indeed, this goes a long way to rejuvenate ENT, throat, and stomach. As a result, the entire body system gets a fresh kick start.

Nasya with herbal powder at wellness retreats in india

Nasya with herbal powder

In particular, a special herbal powder with Naswar base inhaled gives definite relief. Also, it is sure prevention and cure from chronic ailments. For instance, it sets right the entire respiratory system. More so, immediate relief from maladies like a migraine is possible.

Herbal bath Therapy - wellness retreat himachal India

Herbal bath Therapy

Most importantly, we must not equate herbal bath with routine Spa. In fact, around 2 dozen Himalayan herbs go to make the herbal bath effective. Above all, this results in detoxification and resurgence of the entire body. Moreover, it ensures stress-free heavy sweating of the body. Eventually, the entire body is made to sweat profusely to rid it from toxins.

Herbal mud therapy at best wellness retreat near Dahrmashala

Herbal mud therapy

During earlier times, simple mud therapy was a practice. In contrast, there is much more to it in our herbal mud therapy. Especially, various Himalayan herbs are dissolved in the mud. In fact, this makes herbal mud therapy meaningful. Indeed, these herbs help in opening up of blocked skin pores. Skin gains glow and secure itself from other likely diseases.

Massage Therapy

Most noteworthy, our body in present times is unable to remove the toxins naturally. Hence, massage therapy becomes essential to accomplish the task. Above all, we do have the expertise of massage therapy using herbal oils. Also, our massage therapy proves to be very useful for rejuvenating the blocked veins. As a result, it makes the body stress free.


For one thing, fast-flowing Himalayan river water provides an ideal ground for hydrotherapy. Even more, this therapy is useful in overcoming body stress. For instance, it boosts the immune system. More importantly, it relieves a person of blood pressure and heart-related anxieties. However, it needs to be done under our expert guidance.

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