Adventure Camping at Raadballi Retreat

Seeking a perfect holiday filled with adventure and thrill? Then, close to evergreen pristine jungle Raadballi is the best place for adventure camping in Dharamshala. No doubt, this wellness retreat offers luxury, safety, and comfort with a sense of tranquility. To be sure, being in a quaint and eco-friendly environment one can sight numerous species of birds and wildlife. Furthermore, an avid photographer or nature lover can click them with ease in their natural habitat. Also, comfortable in house accommodation to see the wildlife approaching at their natural pace and repose is easily possible.

Jungle camping in Dharamshala

Above all, one can enjoy various adventurous activities like jungle safari, watersports at Pong Dam, cycling and trekking tours. There are beautiful green trees around and tree climbing can be exciting. In addtion, a beautiful natural mammoth rock at Raadballi is ideal for climbing and rappelling. Certainly, all these activities provide ample opportunities for interface with rural, traditions and culture. Likewise, evergreen herbs, shrubs, and trees all around give a fantastic feel to the visitor.

Wildlife camping expedition

True, jungle camping in Raadballi Retreat at Pong Dam in the grassy lawn and among the trees is both safe and exciting. Moreover, one can also enjoy camping in luxury alpine tents right amidst the grove in a serene setting. Of course, this camping being right in the jungle enables the guests to watch and hear the melodies of different birds day and night. Even more, Raadballi jungle camping in Dharamshala is a pleasant escape from city congestion and pollution. Here, one breathes absolutely fresh air and tastes pure natural mineral water, both being free gifts of nature. As a matter of fact, many medicinal and aromatic herbs grow naturally in the adjoining jungle. Equally important, we have our own plantation of choicest herbs as well.

Mountain camping and hiking

For one thing, camping in the hills right in the lap of Dhauladhar range can be added to make the trip more joyful. Luxurious swiss tent camping at Lunta in Dharamshala having most modern facilities can be availed in equally peaceful surroundings. Of equal importance, a beautiful view of the Kangra Valley down below is most enchanting from this place. Then, clusters of Rhodendron trees and pleasantly cold waterfalls abound to further enrich the scenic beauty. Besides, tribal people of the Gaddi community mostly inhabit the adjoining villages. Their culture, dialect, and customs are peculiar to the other local inhabitants.

In particular, Raadballi Retreat has on offer attractive camping packages both in our jungle abode as well as on high altitude Lunta village. Opt for any of these to optimize your eco-friendly adventure filled holiday with wellness and rejuvenation.

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