Jungle Resort near Dharamshala

Eco-friendly accommodation beckons you in pong dam

Raadballi Retreat is among one of the best jungle resorts near Dharamshala in Pong Dam region of the picturesque Kangra valley. Unique in many ways, it has evergreen forest all around. As also, it has all modern facilities having a local traditional touch. Most noteworthy, abounding wildlife and nearness to both Pong Dam and Masroor rock cut temple make it an ideal tourist destination.

Even more, all the construction and furnishing are Eco-friendly with suitable amenities. Above all, due to its location amidst jungle, the retreat is having a natural touch of serenity and calm. Especially, an ideal place for meditation, yoga exercises and Dashkarma Ayurveda therapy. Notably, it is also one of the best locations for interaction with abounding wildlife.

As for adventure, it has numerous countryside trails. By way of example, cycling tours, nature-photography, bird watching, and water sports in Pong Dam could be some of the major experiences. Above all, a visit to the countryside hamlets can also be a noble experience to learn about rural culture and traditions. More so, it would be a happy experience bordering surprise that we have cozy accommodation having a rural touch in this absolute jungle abode.

The rooms and surroundings have a beautiful spacious lawn, a kitchen garden, and medicinal herb plantation. Even more, visitors can explore experiences of gardening and plantation of these organic plants and herbs for themselves. In fact, this could benefit them back home. Those interested in culinary activities can participate in the preparation of special Himachali dishes. Indeed, most of our specialties are prepared on traditional hearth ‘Chulha’ using firewood.

Our Cuisines

Traditional cuisines from best jungle resort near Dharamshala

First of all, our main thrust is on serving organically cooked preparations. In fact, we gather many of them from the adjoining jungle while others are homegrown through self-cultivation. Furthermore, our motto simply is, ‘healthy foods for happiness and wellness’. Add to this, the environment and adventure of the place and you have a perfect mix for your holiday in this pristine jungle.

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