Many a time we unexpectedly happen to meet people who change our perspective towards things. Being in the hospitality business, we stand in a position of merit in this regard. We get to meet people coming from different backgrounds and forte. Not only this amuses us as the host but also unleashes unlimited learning opportunities for us. One such experience was added to our collection when we were visited by an amazing guest, Dr. Swaraj Raj for birding tour in Himachal Pradesh. It pleases us the most to introduce him as a keen birder and photographer. However, we feel honored to share his interests and achievements with our readers even more.

birding tour in himachal pradeshQualification and work

Dr. Swaraj is posted as Professor and Head, Department of English and Dean, Faculty of languages at Sri Guru Granth Sahib World University, Fatehgarh Sahib.

He holds MPhil and Ph.D. in English and has done his MA in Sociology. Further, he has a teaching experience of 39 years and is currently working in the field of translation studies and nature conservation.

Specializations and achievements

His area of specialization includes Literary theory, Diasporic Literature, Translation studies, Cultural studies, and nature photography.

He has published around 60 articles/research papers/translation work in various books and journals. Also, he has appeared on more than 20 talk shows on the radio.

Moreover, he has chaired many technical sessions and has presented papers at more than  60 International/National/Regional Seminars and Conferences.

birding tour in himachalCurrent Pursuits

Currently, he is writing a book on birds. In this pursuit, he chose to visit the Pong Dam for birding and Raadballi received an opportunity to host his stay. 

A Birding tour in Pong Dam Himachal Pradesh

We all know Pong Dam for the migratory birds that grace its existence in the winter season. Therefore, often through birding tours in Himachal Pradesh, we accompany our guests there for bird watching and bird photography in Pong Dam. However, this time we happened to have someone who taught us so much more about birds to our amusement. Besides sharing his knowledge of birds, Dr. Swaraj guided us through the process of making bird feeders. A bird feeder attracts the birds to our place and in turn, allows us to have a closer look at the beautiful species. 

bar headed geese in pong damIt was such a delight to have an interactive session with him. Not only did this push us to widen our knowledge about the birds and their environment but it also gave a message that learning has got no end. What we have learned from him will stay with us and we do sincerely feel its significance in serving our guests better.

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