Bird watching in North India

Bird watching has emerged as a popular recreational activity these days. People, who are interested in the environment, are often seen curious about the species that form part of it. Wildlife, therefore, is seen as a subject of interest and wonder by many. The ones particularly passionate about birds and their behavior towards the environment, Bird watching is their thing. 

There are many Bird watching destinations across the country and there certainly is something unique about every place.  However, let us specifically acquaint you with the Bird Watching in North India. 

The Pong Dam, Himachal Pradesh

Maharana Pratap Sagar, also known as the Pong Dam, is situated in the wetland zone of the Shivalik Hills of the Kangra District, Himachal Pradesh. This lake is a well-known wildlife sanctuary today and has received due recognition in the list of Ramsar Wetlands of International importance.

Due to the waterfowl diversity, the suitability of the environment and the lake’s fostering characteristic, it has been a harbor to several migratory birds, especially during the winter season. As per the records, 220 species of birds (Lakhs in numbers) belonging to 54 families have been observed here so far. The number is increasing every year, thus attracting people around the globe. 

Besides being a harbor to the migratory birds, the lake also is home to a huge range of water birds and fishes. Furthermore, Rancer Island, which was actually a village that turned into an Island, offers a mesmerizing view while you enjoy boating. The boating arrangement at the Pong dam includes the availability of the forest boats and the country boats to enhance the whole affair. 

Things you should know about bird watching at the Pong Lake

Best time for bird watching

The best time for bird watching at Pong Lake is from the month of November to the month of March. The winter season observes the highest number of migratory birds in comparison to other seasons. So, if you are looking out for bird watching or bird photography, this is the ideal time to visit the place. 

Identification of birds

Before you try your hands at bird watching, it is necessary to educate yourself about birds. When we arrange birding tours for our guests, we ensure that they receive a sound knowledge about the birds beforehand. Not only does this help them in the identification of the birds, but also makes the activity exciting and enriching. 

The art of bird watching

Bird watching is refreshing and comprehensive at the same time. It involves the process of watching the birds with the naked eye, hearing the sounds they make and admiring their beauty with awe. To have impressive experience, you should do it all without disturbing the birds underwater or otherwise. The Country boats are a rescue here as they help you sail silently, thus enriching your trial. 

Below mentioned are some simple but significant guidelines that must be kept in mind for birding:

By keeping a respectful behavior towards these innocent birds, we can truly add a plus one to the whole experience. 

The Pong Lake is well connected to the main cities of Himachal Pradesh and Punjab. Further, due to its convenient distance from Dharamshala and Kangra, the visitors can look forward to a wider coverage while they travel. As the lake is very close to Raadballi, we often organize guided birding tours for our guests exclusively.  


Whether you are a bird person or not, the place calls out for you even as you read right now! The beautiful Kangra Valley and the rich flora-fauna that surrounds it will make any travel enthusiast fall in love with it. 

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