tatwani hot spring

Tatwani hot spring in Kangra valley-Nature’s unmatched bounty

A rare gift of nature, Tatwani hot spring in Kangra valley took their shape 40 million years ago. That was the period when Tethys sea was yielding space to the great Himalayas. These hot water springs

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Bird watching in North India at Pong Dam Bird watching has emerged as a popular recreational activity these days. People, who are interested in the environment, are often seen curious about the specie

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birding tour in pong dam

A Birding tour in Pong Dam Himachal Pradesh by Dr. Sawraj Raj

Many a time we unexpectedly happen to meet people who change our perspective towards things. Being in the hospitality business, we stand in a position of merit in this regard. We get to meet people co

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homestays in dharamshala

Raadballi-Best homestays in Dharamshala

Often we try to search homestays in Dharamshala and explore a place where we cannot only find solitude but also an experience worth trying for, a memory for a lifetime. Well, this place does complete

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experiential tourism

Experiential tourism experience in India

Experiential tourism at Raadballi Retreat Two families, related to one another but from two countries. Eight of them; they came in two cabs from Mcleodganj. Incidentally, they were in India for experi

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Best time to visit Dharamshala Himachal Pradesh

Best time to visit Dharamshala First of all, Dharamshala is an attractive, 1400 to 1700 high altitude hill station in Himachal Pradesh. It lies on a spur of the beautiful snowy Dhauladhar mountain ran

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Eco friendly resort

Eco friendly resort-Why Raadballi is best in Himachal?

Raadballi an ideal eco-friendly resort in Himachal Pradesh Without doubt, an Eco-friendly resort, the like of which you might have dreamt as most beautiful but not seen is calling. To be specific; exo

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Why Kangra Valley fascinates visitors from world over

What distinguishes Kangra Valley most from the rest of India is its exceptional countryside and scenery. Above all, no soon one enters this beautiful valley you are in an old world. Its ancient stone

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Best places for shopping in Dharamshala

Once at this picturesque hill station you have many choices for shopping in Dharamshala, Mcleodganj and Norbulingka institute at Sidhpur. Tourist choice to visit Dharamshala is mainly for its scenic b

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Kangra valley hidden tourist places in Himachal

Himachal, especially the Kangra valley is famous worldwide for its natural beauty. First of all, it is under the shadow of snowy Himalayas. Its year around greenery and snow-fed rivers are rare gifts

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