Incarnation of Mata Baglamukhi Temple is directly linked to the salvation of human tragedy. Scriptures reveal that during Satyuga a devastating cyclone occurred. Seeing this God Vishnu got greatly  perturbed. On being approached Lord Shiva advised Vishnu to worship Bhagwati Shakti Mata. Pleased, Bhagwati Maa appeared in the guise of Baglamukhi. The name is combination of two words, where Bagla means bride and Mukh means face. It devotes an unique power to drive away evil and bestow prosperity. Supreme Mahashaki Maha Kali appeared in ten incarnations as ten Mahavidyas ever since. Mata Baglamukhi is her 8th incarnation as  Maha Shakti or Maha Vidya. This Shaktipeeth has power to drive away any type of evil. Yagna and Tantra are the mediums to reach and appease Baglamukhi Devi. Any type of myriad wishes of devotees are fulfilled a this Shaktipeeth. It is also known to be the incarnation of Maa Bhagwati and Maa Parvati. There are many temples of Maa Baglamukhi across the countr but the one in Kangra Himachal Pradesh is very auspicious and important. Devotees rom as far as Tamil Nadu and Kerela come to perform havans/yajanas to seek blessings Yellow color is thought to be the choice of Baglamukhi. Accordingly to please this Mahashakti the walls of the temple are painted golden yellow. Devotees too wear yellow robes and distribute yellow coloured Prasadam. According to Puranic texts Lord Rama prayed Mata Baglamukhi and installed her statue here during Treta yug and then only went to win over Ravana.


Mata Baglamukhi temple is on the Dharamashala-Delhi national highway. Bankhandi village having this temple is 12 km ahead of Dehra and 24 km before Kangra town. There is an airport at Gaggal near Kangra. It is known as Kangra airport and there are daily flights from and to this airport from Delhi. A toy train from Pathankot to Ranital is another possibility. Bus from Delhi and Haridwar etc. are also available. Car journey from will take around 8 hours.

When to visit

Devotees visit Mata Baglamukhi temple throughout the year. It depends upon the eagerness and urgency to seek solution to their problems. However, the best time to visit is September to December and February to April. During this period the weather is more friendly and the tourist can enjoy the beauty and serenity of Kangra valley, the most. Generally , no huge burden of extra clothing is require during these months.

Nearby major attractions

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