A rare gift of nature, Tatwani hot spring in Kangra valley took their shape 40 million years ago. That was the period when Tethys sea was yielding space to the great Himalayas. These hot water springs have since been flowing non stop at their original tempo for millenniums. There are, of course, hot water springs at many places the world over but the locale in this instance is remote and rare.

Situated as they are, in say, no man’s land, they went unnoticed until very recent times. Just upto a 100 years back there was no dwelling around. People from the nearby hamlets went there occasionally to bathe under the naturally oozing out hot water. An elderly devotee from Tiara village then started hosting annual feast on the “Shiv Ratri” (Lord Shiva night) festival in the month of February. Though, from a poor background, he never sought or accepted any donation. It indeed was his commendable solo effort in those times. In due course,  a small temple; separate bathing enclosure for ladies and a few rural houses have come into existence. The place got connected with a road only some 5 years back.

tatwani hotspringsThe site is bestowed with unmatched natural beauty by mother nature. There is a vast evergreen forest in the backdrop starting with a hillock where these hot water springs exist. A Himalayan rivulet name Gaj flows just in front 50 meters away with another evergreen thick forest on the other side of the rivulet. A vast plain grassy open space in front lends further charm to this remote tourist destination.

Medicinal qualities and spiritual peace

As modern science would have it, these hot water springs, like many others around the world are sourced by the sulphur deposits beneath the soil at the site. Be that, as it may, but people from far and wide attribute medicinal qualities to these waters. Many from the adjoining northern states of Punjab, Haryana and Delhi visit the place and claim relief. The natural setting has acquired spiritual respect as well.

tourist at tatwaniThis traditional belief of healing finds scientific support from non other than Antoine Lavoisier of France who proved through experiments 250 years ago that human body makes its heat by burning oxygen, changing its tissues, eliminating waste ash and crating anew. To prove it he burnt one pound of sulphur which weighed more than its original weight after burning. Oxygen was the answer. This is true of all living thing, he said. Hot water at Tatwani too gets its heat through sulphur beneath. Hence its medicinal qualities cannot be brushed aside. Tourist traffic, both foreign and domestic to Tatwani hot spring is on the increase.

How to Reach Tatwani hot spring

Tatwani is with in easy reach from Raadballi Retreat, Being only 30 kms away on way to Dharamshala. From Dharamshala Mcleodganj it is 35 kms southward and from Kangra Airport less than 18 kms southwards. After landing at the Kangra airport once can take a taxi for Tatwani hotsprings, through Gaggal-Nagrota Surian road. There is a diversion for Tatwani hot spring from Salol village. One can also opt for a trek from lower Salol crossing the Gaj rivulet. After bathing and recreation at Tatwani hot spring the same taxi can take the tourist to Raadballi Jungle Retreat  and then on to the tour circuit of one’s choice. Taxi service for other tourist destinations can be provided from Raadballi as well.

Nearby tourist destinations

Once at Raadballi one can easily plan to visit Rancer Island at Pong Dam (8 kms), historic Masroor Rock cut temple (5 kms). Kangra fort, Palampur, Dharamshal, Jawalamukhi temple and Chintpurni temples are some other nearby major attractions for the tourists.

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