New Year Jungle Carnival 2023 Near Dharamshala Himachal Pradesh

Raadballi jungle New Year carnival

Raadballi Jungle Retreat near Dharamshala monotonous city life calls for a break. There is no better option than to enjoy the thrill and adventure of a grand new year celebration in the midst of the jungle. Raadballi is organising the bonanza you would be exited to share and live over again and again

new year party in himachal

Stay in the Jungle Retreat

Raadballi is situated in the rich green Jungle on all sides and hence is enriched with natural serenity and calm.  It provides for accommodation in homely rural setting and camping tents. To keep the traditional vibe of the place intact, the retreat is constructed having eco-friendly angle in mind. Further, the abundance of wildlife and the scenic beauty of the Pong Dam are sure to be your spots of attraction.

Authentic Herbal Jungle

Food is essentially the best part of travel and we make every effort to keep it authentic and organic. Enriched with herbal benefits, the traditionally cooked Himachali food is simply sumptuous. The famous Kangri Dham is a regional delight which is all yours to scoop in before the New Year Eve. Also, you may enjoy the famous Pong Dam Fish like Mahseer, Singhara and the Rohu, or perhaps or perhaps go for fishing yours yourself.

Experience the Himachali culture

When in Himachal, do as the Himachali does!

The itinerary thoughtfully includes an expedition to the village so that our guests get to interact with the locals.  You may experience the livelihood of the villagers and admire the beauty of the village at the same time.

Adventures at the Pong Lake and Masroor temple
When in Himachal, do as the Himachali does!

The famous Pong Dam is an amazing spot for all the adventures that you are looking out for. You can enjoy activities like boating, fishing and of course the sightseeing here. Also, the architectural beauty of the famous Masroor temple is going to be a part of our list as well. Due to their nearness to our retreat, all the fun comes at convenience.

new year party in dharamshala
Package Detail

Why Choose Raadballi?

At Raadballi we try to make your stay memorable by helping you experience the following

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