A visitor finds many places of interest in the Pong dam region. Most importantly, they include historical forts and temples. Also, scenic beauty spots of Kangra valley are very attractive.  Medicinal hot water springs of Tatwani are an example. A visit to these places is rewarding.

Masroor rock cut Temple

Historic Masroor rock cut temple belongs to 6th-8th Century A.D. It is a single monolithic rock structure. Incidentally, it relates to the worship of Lord Shiva. Carvings in this temple have high artistic value. More so, it has the structural identity to Elephanta caves of Maharashtra. There is only one other temple in the world that meets all its parameters. That is the 8th century Angkor Wat of Cambodia. Only these two temples on high altitude and have a similar structure. This temple is merely 6 km from Raadballi Retreat. Masroor rock cut temple is a popular destination for historians, researchers and visitors from all over the world.

Bathu ki Ladi

Bathu ki Ladi temples are distinctive from other temples in one thing. They are visible only for less than 6 months in a year. Rest of the time they submerge in Pong dam waters. When they are visible in summers people can reach them by road. This is possible because low Pong dam water level allows it during that period. In between, their beauty is irresistible when they are partially submerged.  They are within easy reach from Raadballi. It is also possible to reach them by boat during their transit to depths of the lake. Apart from historical value, this phenomenon makes them an important place of interest in Pong dam.

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