Pong Dam Kangra

also known as Maharana Pratap Sagar

Pong Dam Kangra being in a hilly state is an ideal destination for adventure in Himachal. We at Raadballi Retreat offer various crusades to visitors. For one thing, our activities appeal to all age groups. In particular, we organize the following events for visitors to experience the countryside adventure.

Fishing & Angling in Pong Dam

The thrill, anxiety and expectation linked to fishing and angling is hard to explain in words. Both, an avid angler and the onlooker have full chance to enjoy the support. One may spend the whole day waiting with a single catch and still find a glow on his face. That is what this adventure sports really offers. Even a light pull on the line means much to the angler. Should you be lucky the catch can easily be pretty attractive for the evening dish. We at Raadballi, conduct this adventure in Pong |Dam Kangra for fishing and angling enthusiasts.

Boating-Kayaking in Pong Dam

Motor boats, country boats and kayaks are available at Pong dam. Visitors can choose a ride to Rancer island, Bathu ki Ladi and other important places across the vast wetland. A boat ride through this mini sea gives a sense of extreme joy and adventure in Himachal Pradesh.

Swimming & Snorkeling

Experts consider swimming to be the best exercise ever. Add to it snorkeling and you have a perfect choice for complete wellness. Rivulets feeding Pong dam with crystal clear Himalayan waters are ideal for the best outcome. Be it joy, exercise or wellness the entire body and mind feel relaxed. Swimming and snorkeling are best done under our expert supervision.

Birding in Pong Dam

Wastelands, swamps and catchments at Pong dam are haven to more than 400 species of terrestrial and migratory birds. Not only this, there count swells to almost 1.5 lac during winters. Indeed, this provides unlimited opportunity for bird watching and photography. We arrange guided tours with best timings and locale in mind. This helps in obtaining best possible results.

Jungle Safari & Mountain Biking

Being in the mids of vast jungle Raadballi retreat has immense scope for jungle safari and mountain biking. A view of the varied wildlife in their natural habitat can be trilling. Especially, night jungle safari can even be more productive as the jungle then comes alive. A long drive through the countryside can be both joyful and rewarding. Similarly, there are rough to well laid trails for enterprising mountain bikers.  Above all, in both these action sports adventure and a view of the scenic beauty go hand in hand.

Trekking & Rock Climbing

There are many easy to tough country through the villages and deep jungle beckoning the inquisitive enthusiast. Notably, there is every possibility for a lucky view of wildlife during the trek. For the rock climber happily, a rare massive rock exists at Raadballi. Incidentally, a enchanting view of entire Kangra valley with its evergreen forests and mountains is possible from atop this rock. Freshers need to attempt rock climbing under our expert guidance and supervision.

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