Often we try to search homestays in Dharamshala and explore a place where we cannot only find solitude but also an experience worth trying for, a memory for a lifetime.

Well, this place does complete justice to all our needs to find an escape from our chaotic city lives.

Located in the middle of lush evergreen forest, Raadballi Retreat is a homestay worth your call in the wild.

A place where you can easily trace freshly stamped hoof marks of a barking deer. Shrieking loud call of red-jungle fowl and melodious tunes of beautiful birds species too are attractive. Herbs and spices that you’ll only get in the jungle are aplenty.

best homestays in dharamshalaI was planning to visit this amazing retreat since April this year. But finally, I got a chance to visit the property in late September.

The host (now a brother), Mr. Sumit Guleria is a young entrepreneur having versatile deep knowledge of hospitality. He surely knows how best to serve his guests.
He has his Grandfather to guide and assist him. Having squeezed most of his other concerns, he now has his total focus on the promotion of Raadballi. Promotion of Himachali culture happens to be his another passionate concern.

Quiant homestay in dharamshalaHomemade food and leisurely homestays in dharamshala

You’ll surely expect to be served delicious homemade food cooked on the traditional Himachali Chulha. This is a health booster and bliss for all whether you be veggie or non-veggie. For those interested in fish, angling in fresh waters of Pong Dam and then cooking by yourself is really charming. Organic herbs and veggies from Raadballi gardens give a different taste. Trust me, you’ll fall for it. It’s finger-licking good.

The cozy rooms are specially designed to give you an experience of peace with comfort. Local raw material forms an important component in making them.

homestays in dharamshala

They have a pond also in the property where you’ll see beautiful Lotus. The pond has become a comfort living space for beautiful tadpoles of different sizes.

Not only this, there’s a natural water stream just by the side of the property. You can hear the sound of the streak of the running water for most part of the year. it  There is no honking of vehicles and no pollution around.

You can just plug into your earphones and listen to favorite music or just sit with your loved ones and have a family chit chat too.
This place has my heart, not all properties can do wonder to me but the level of personalized experiences this place has to offer is truly amazing and a must-try in your lifetime.

Did This Trip from @inyookgetaway @inyookindia, if you want to book your stay you can DM to them or the property @raadballi.

Budget: 3-5k for a couple
How to Reach Raadballi homestay’s in Dharamshala: Take a bus to Kangra/ Dharamshala from Delhi and drop off at Ranital.
From Ranital, take another bus to Nagrota Surian.
You can also do a taxi to the location. it’s accessible from the main road.
It can be reached by Kangra valley toy trains from Pathankot to Nagrota Surian or Guler railway station.

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