Of recent, rural tourism in India is taking new strides. So, Raadballi has taken new initiatives to introduce visitors to rural ways of life. For one thing, rural blessings like village customs, fairs-festivals, local lifestyle and simple habits have become special attractions. Above all, we aim on direct visitor participation in activities like petal making and pottery in Pong dam Himachal. Those stuck in the concrete world of meropolitan cities find an innovative change by involvement in these rural activities. Most importantly, serenity of the place alongwith inner satisfaction from these creative activities provide much sought after mental peace.

Rural Tourism in India at Raadballi

From Indus valley civilization and beyond to recent times pottery has been an important village craft. Indeed, royalty to commoners, everyone needs earthenware ranging from pitchers to pots in all sizes. For one thing, the coming of plastic in the market, traditional pottery has taken a severe beating. Fortunately, the charm of pottery making remains intact to this day. The rotating wheel bestows a sense of creativity. Experience of carving out an attractive pot from a small piece of simple earth is amazing. At Raadballi, one can participate in pottery in Pong dam Himachal. This will make one experience the thrill of doing it in practice. Enjoy being a creator.

Exploring Rural India

Most noteworthy, India is gifted with diverse culture, customs, traditions, folklore and numerous tribal ethos. In fact, each of these has its importance in different regions of the country. As for Himachal Pradesh there are many rural and tribal customs and traditions. In particular, they overlap and also vary according to the locale becoming an important segment of rural tourism in India. At Raadballi, we seek to introduce visitors to this rich heritage in a peaceful setting.

Interaction with Rural life

Except for Dussehra, Deepawali, Janmashtami, Shivratri and Holi most rural festivals relate to the cropping cycle. Incidentally, a few of them at the clan level is meant to propitiate the local gods. Rural people celebrate them with fervour. They arrange feasts and exchange specially prepared foods. Similarly, rural fairs enliven the countryside with congregations from distant villages. People throng to witness wrestling bouts between well-known stalwarts to new entrants in the sport. Likewise, ladies enjoy shopping while, children take to ride in swings. Village folks buy tools useful in cropping. Consequently, these fairs and festivals bring instant joy and hope to the village folks. Sharing it with local people is both refreshing and educative.

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