Raadballi an ideal eco-friendly resort in Himachal Pradesh

Without doubt, an Eco-friendly resort, the like of which you might have dreamt as most beautiful but not seen is calling.

To be specific; exotic beauty, picturesque scenery, and salubrious climate, that is what Raadballi Retreat is. Tired of the dreary routine of a metropolis, what a man needs is an instant mental and physical relief. Sure enough, Raadballi offers an altogether different perspective and meaning to life. It means a definite escape from the monotony of cities to the serenity of the real jungle. Indeed, a great chance for great rejuvenation.

Lush green forest, narrow village terrains, scenic meadows and much more awaits the visitor at Raadballi Retreat. Relax and live with nature is our call.

Eco friendly resort

For example, flushing greenery of mixed jungle trees, bushes and herbs can easily force a joyful imagination through the mind. Such as slopes and ridges with dotted homesteads add to the Eco-cultural simplicity of rural living. To nudge your curiosity further a series of Jamun trees all along the adjoining seasonal rivulet distinguish this eco-friendly resort as a class apart. Guava and mango plantation in the foreground with hundred of Amla, lemon, orange, Ghamirdi, and pomegranate trees fortify our claim to be an ideal eco-friendly destination.

Abundance in wildlife and herbs

Doubtless, proliferating wildlife in its natural habitat so close to it can only add to the thrill. More so, smaller birds have built their nests and made Raadballi eco-friendly resort their breeding den. In addition, the bigger ones like Red Jungle Fowl most often feed in the foreground. Peacock, partridges, barking deer, porcupine, anteater, wild boar, and sambhar or barasingha habitat on the slopes all across the place. Barking deer, Red Jungle fowl, and peacock can easily be heard making their melodious calls far and near day long. After sunset, the jungle again enlivens with entirely different tones of numerous species of crickets and night birds.

Eco friendly resort himachal

Our herbal garden organic aloe vera, ginger, chilies, tulsi, kali basunti, and pudina produce. Flower beds and rose plants all along the free lawn space enhance the eco-friendly tinge.

Nearby attractions

Pong lake, an international Ramsar site provides a resting place for 1 to 1.5 lacs trans Himalayan migratory birds from October to March every winter. Birds watching, boating and water sports add to the charm. A trek to Masroor temple through eco-friendly rural forest trek means real adventure.

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